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April 2018

Overcomer – Labels

Overcoming The Curse of Comparison

Stare down your fears, shatter your insecurities, and shake off the apathy that tries to hold you back. You’re not a prisoner—you’re an Overcomer.

King of the Kingdom

Every Kingdom has a king, and Jesus is the rightful King of the Kingdom of God.
Every Kingdom has a king, and Jesus is the rightful King of the Kingdom of God.
Every Kingdom has a king, and Jesus is the rightful King of the Kingdom of God.

March 2018

Kingdom of Worship

Everyone wants to be on the winning side and be victorious. As we celebrate Palm Sunday get an inside look to the importance of Worship and how in God’s Kingdom worship is singing and living.

Kingdom of Potential

Inside each of us is the seed which is the word of God. This word has great potential to transform our lives and help us grow into all the fullness that God has for us.

Kingdom of Righteousness

In the kingdom, righteousness is displayed not by what we do, but by who we are.  Often we find ourselves trying to earn the acceptance of God, through the good deeds we perform.  But, when we recognize that our good deeds could never measure up, then the need for a Savior becomes more relevant.  Here we take an in-depth look at Righteousness and how it is attained not by what we do, but by what Jesus did for us on the cross.

Kingdom Is…

Kingdom Is…Kingdom living is vital to the life of each fully devoted follower of Jesus. This message is the introduction to a series on the Kingdom of God. Today’s message focuses on recognizing that the Kingdom is both present and future.

August 2017

21 Days – Into the Deep Pt. 1

Venturing into the deep can be daunting, but with Jesus in the boat with you things can get rather exciting. Listen in as we explore the passage in Luke 5 and learn that going into the deep really means Divine Encounters Express Purpose. Are you ready to jump into the deep?

May 2017

We R Family – Our Purpose

Being a part of a family has it’s ups and it’s downs, but ultimately it fulfills a purpose in our lives. Family gives us identity, protection, and growth. Discover God’s true purpose for our lives by recognizing that God has ordained us to be a part of the family we call the church.

We R Family

We all need family. Some families are great and others…. Well? But ultimately, it is still family. God has a family for us. Being a Christian is not just about believing, but it is really about belonging to the God’s family. In this series we are going to explore some needed reminders about what it means to be family.