This year as we begin our twenty-one days of prayer and fasting we are going to be focusing on a passage of scripture from the Gospel of John.  In this passage of scripture in John 17, Jesus prays regarding three areas.  First, He prays that He himself would be glorified; not so He can be exalted above others, but so that God our Heavenly Father would receive glory on earth and that Jesus would return to the Father in His glorified state. Secondly, Jesus prays for His disciples.  Jesus’ prayer is for His disciples to be protected in two areas.  The first area is that they would be one just as Jesus and the Father are one, and secondly Jesus prayed that they would be protected from the evil one.  Finally Jesus prays for all believers.  That would be me and you.  That right, Jesus prayed for me and you and we were not even born yet!
The interesting thing about His prayers are that in each prayer Jesus focuses on a central theme.  The power of being “one”.  Jesus is one with the Father.  He is one with the disciples.  Jesus prays that the disciples would become one with the father, and each other.  Then Jesus prays for me and you to be “one” as well.  Do you think that we should take notice to how important this theme of becoming “one” is?
God has a greater blessing for us to experience as followers of Jesus, but it will only be revealed as you and I become one with each other, one with the Holy Spirit, and one with our Heavenly Father.  I encourage you to read Chapter 17 of John’s Gospel.  Then I encourage you to read it again.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to become one with the Father, and with your brothers and sisters in Christ.  Great power was displayed on the day of Penetecost with the disciples because they were responding to Jesus’ prayer to become one.
I believe the Lord has great things in 2019 for each of us here at New Beginnings and in the surrounding communities.  But, it is going to take us focusing on Jesus’ prayer.  Will you join with me over the next 21 days and dig in to prayer, scripture, and fasting to discover the full expression of Jesus’ prayer to become “One”?